Japanese Appetizers


FUJI TUNA TATAKI                               $19.00

Sushi rice made with masago, puffed quinoa and scallion, slices of tuna tataki topped with fennel salad 


Salmon with pickles, chalaca mix, lime juice, mirin, spicy mayo, crunchy mix and chips

NIKU TATAKI                                          $15.00

Slices of beef tataki marinated in citrus soy sauce topped with kataifi noodles, spicy mayo, fried onions and cilantro

AISHTE IMASU SALAD                        $18.50

Cubes of salmon, tuna, red snapper, crab, avocado, green apple, wakame, orange-lemon mayo, spicy mayo eel sauce
with a crunchy mix

HANNA EBI OR SCALLOPS                 $15.50 TIRADITO

Marinated in citrus soy and clarified butter, flamed, topped with fresh salad and basil mint oil

SAKE TIRADITO                                    $20.50

Slices of salmon marinated with yuzu, truffle oil, truffle paste, mirin, togarashi powder fennel salad and crunchy mix

HIDARI TIRADITO                                $20.50

Base of aji amarillo sauce, red snapper slices, purple olives, sweet potato, sweet pepper, choclo and basil oil,cilantro

TOSHI TUNA TIRADITO                        $18.00

Tuna slices marinated with himalayan salt and truffle oil, acevichado sauce, fresh salad, crunchy mix and basil oil

HALF MOON OCTOPUS                      $15.50

Octopus, black quinoa, fresh salad, eel sauce, sea sand

DOBUTSUEN SALMON                      $17.50 SNOW WHITE TIRADITO

Slices of salmon with himalayan salt and truffle oil, topped with sushi rice balls made with crunchy mix and puffed rice,
chicha morada sauce, lulo sauce and chalaca mix

DENSHA NIGIRIS                                  $14.00

1 tuna nigiri topped with lemon mayo and puffed rice, 1 salmon nigiri with wasabi sauce topped with orange supremes,
1 red snapper nigiri with chicha morada sauce topped with purple olives, 1 octopus nigiri with aji amarillo sauce topped
with togarashi powder, 1 smoked eel nigiri with wakame, tobiko and eel sauce

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