Peruvian Main Dishes


ARROZ MARISQUERO                  $27.00

Fresh mussels, octopus, shrimps,
squid and white fish, sauteed
with rice in salsa madre (mix
vegetables sauce)

HANASAKI TSUNAMI                    $26.00

Classic ceviche, fried mixed
seafood (shrimp, squids and
mussels) with fried yuca, aji
amarillo or rocoto

ARROZ CHAUFA DE                      $22.00 CERDO CROCANTE

Fried rice, pork belly, egg tortilla
and ginger

LOMO SALTADO                            $28.00

Tenderloin stir-fry with onions and
tomatoes served with rice and fries

JALEA DE PESCADO                     $23.00

Fried fish with fried yuca


Mixed seafood, creamy linguine,

POLLO SALTADO                           $23.00

Chicken stir-fry with onions and
tomatoes served with rice and fries

TRILOGÍA MARINA                         $31.00

Classic ceviche, rice with mixed
seafood and fried white fish

PESCADO A LO MACHO              $25.50

Red snapper and seafood served
with rice or mashed potatoes

FETUCCINI A LA                                    $28.00 HUANCAÍNA CON LOMOSALTADO

Fettuccini pasta sauteed with
huancaina sauce accompanied
with tenderloin

ARROZ NORTEÑO                        $26.00

Rice, seafood, spinach, cilantro,
peas, carrots

ARROZ CHAUFA DE                     $22.00 MARISCOS

Chaufa rice, seafood, egg tortilla,
scallion, ginger


Grilled octopus seasoned with salt,
black pepper, garlic, white vinegar
and aji panca, served with boiled

SHRIMP WITH CHIA                      $22.50 MASHED POTATOES

Shrimp in a creamy sauce with
chia mashed potatoes

AJÍ DE GALLINA                           $16.00 

Shredded chicken breast, ají
amarillo, served with white rice
LecheArroz blanco

ANTICUCHOS MAR                       $31.00 Y TIERRA

Skewers of tenderloin, shrimps
and octopus served with mixed
vegetables and boiled potatoes

JALEA MIXTA                               $25.00 

Seafood chicharron, fried yuca,
tartar sauce

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