sushi Roll

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HOTATE KAI ROLL                         $22.00

Maki fried filled with avocado,
shrimp tempura, smoked eel, cream
cheese, topping of shrimp scallops
with mix pecan and eel sauce

KING SUPREME ROLL                   $21.00

Made of salmon, filled with cream
cheese, avocado, scallions and
shrimps. Topped with dynamite
mix, sweet shredded coconut and

ALANA ROLL                                   $19.00

Filled with cream cheese, salmon
fried tempura, green apple and
wakame. Topped with crab mix
and scallions, spicy mayo, citrus
lemon mayo, eel sauce, batayaki
butter and puffed quinoa

AJI AMARILLO ROLL                     $25.50

Cream cheese, avocado, apple,
salmon, crab topped with raw
salmon, salt, truffle oil, chalaca,
aji amarillo sauce and fried sweet

SNOW WHITE ROLL                     $24.50

Cream cheese, avocado, crab.
Topped with puffed rice, cream
cheese, flamed salmon cubes
marinated with ponzu and sweet
chili sauce

KONISHI TUNA                              $22.00

Ura maki filled with red snapper
fried, cream cheese, avocado,
topping of tuna tataki, acevichado
sauce, togarashi crunchy crab,
masago and eel sauce

KAMI HANNA ROLL                      $24.00

Uramaki filled with pickled carrots,
crab mix (cream cheese, masago
and yuzu). Topped with salmon,
tuna, shrimp, lemon mayo, spicy
mayo, tobiko and scallions

LADY PINK ROLL                           $23.00

Uramaki soybean paper filled
with cream cheese, green apple,
avocado, wakame, fried shrimp,
red tobiko. Topped with seafood
gratin, strawberries, black tobiko
and eel sauce

OISHI ROLL                                     $26.50

Uramaki soybean paper, cream
cheese, spinach, crab, truffle oil,
yuzu. Topped with fish, avocado,
green apple, orange tobiko and
eel sauce

ONNA ROLL                                    $23.50

Soybean paper, cream cheese,
avocado, spicy tempura and
cooked salmon. Topped with crab
mix (cream cheese, crab, tobiko,
yuzu, Red bell pepper) togarashi
powder and eel sauce

SUNRISE ROLL                               $18.00

Uramaki soybean paper,
asparagus, tofu panko, carrots,
wakame, cream cheese, cucumber
topped with maracuya sauce and
dried tomatoes

KOFUKU ROLL                                $17.50

Futo Futomaki panko, cream
cheese, red snapper, pineapple,
spicy mayo. Topped with cream
cheese, coconut, togarashi and
honey-lime sauce

kami hanna roll

AISHITEMASU ROLL                     $21.00

Uramaki with cream cheese,
pickled carrots, tuna and salmon.
Topped with tempura red snapper,
wasabi mayo, and lulo mayo

TOMODACHI ROLL                      $24.00

Cream cheese, avocado, crab,
spicy tempura, lettuce. Topped
with spicy tuna tartare, spicy
salmon tartar, crunchy mix and
eel sauce

OTOKO ROLL                                  $21.50

Futomaki made of tuna, cream
cheese, eel, fried red snapper,
topped with crab mix and eel